Eggs are considered to the most nutritious food in the entire earth. The healthy and nutritious food offers a lot many health benefits. But, too much of anything is bad. The nutrient content may be understood from the very point that a single cell transforms into a baby chicken. But, eggs do have a bad reputation owing to the cholesterol content. There are many egg lovers who think How Much Cholesterol In An Egg. A medium size single egg comprises of 186mg cholesterol. 186 mg of cholesterol is just 60% of the cholesterol which is recommended for consumption every day. However, people do have the wrong notion that if they consume egg daily, their level of cholesterol will rise. Besides, an increase in cholesterol will lead to heart diseases. Another study proves that the body has the capability to regulate the level of cholesterol, implying, that if you consume more cholesterol, your body will produce less. Thus, there are mixed kinds of opinions.

How Much Cholesterol In An Egg

Is cholesterol important for the body?

Although cholesterol is a negative word but it is important for our body. The moment the term ‘cholesterol’ is heard, we start thinking about heart ailments. But, it is an important part of our body. The structural membrane is the important part of our cell membranes. In fact, cholesterol is used for making testosterone and estrogen. Our body naturally regulates the level of cholesterol. So, an egg is day will keep you healthy but if you eat 2-3 eggs each day, it can lead to cardiovascular diseases.

The nutritional content of egg

Having too many eggs is bad for health but totally avoiding eggs can bring about nutritional deficiency. We need to know the nutrient content of an egg. Weighing around 60grams, one egg consists of protein, Vitamin B12, mineral selenium, vitamin A, D and E. However, there is no Vitamin C is an egg. It is a rich source of protein and essential fats. Egg yolk has all the micro-nutrients like niacin, riboflavin, zinc, iron and phosphorus.

The benefits of cholesterol in an egg

The very word cholesterol may create a negative impression about egg but it has the cholesterol belonging to steroid or the group of lipids having several psychological functions. Being the very part of cell membrane surrounding the cells, the cholesterol in an egg regulates the stability and the strength. It also helps in the formation of the bile salts needed so much for the fat absorption. Cholesterol also forms the sex hormones and corticosteroid hormones. Eggs may be made an essential part of a healthy lifestyle if consumed in moderation. Egg is rich in important nutrients needed so much for the proper functioning of the body.

If you are a healthy adult, do limit your intake of cholesterol up to 300mg per day. You need to know How Much Cholesterol In An Egg. The aim must be to get cholesterol less than 300mg. An egg has 213 mg of cholesterol. Per week you should consume the yolk of 2-6 eggs and not more. But, the overall response to the egg varies from person to person.